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11 March 2016

Everlight offers mid-power 2835-packaged LEDs with different voltages for general lighting applications

Taiwan-based Everlight Electronics Co Ltd has updated its range of top-view, white, low- to mid-power LEDs in 2835 form-factor (2.8mm x  3.5mm x 0.7mm) packages by adding versions operating at three voltages 3V, 6V, 9V at 0.5W and two voltages 6V and 9V at 1W. Target applications are mainly general lighting, especially consumer, commercial and professional lighting.

With a low dollar-per-lumen ratio, the 2835 package has been the most popular product of all Everlight's lighting packages. It is an upgrade from standard 3528 packages but, due to a newly designed heat slug, the LED maintains its compact size with an even lower profile and can easily be overdriven to achieve maximum flux. The 2835-ELB, an upgrade from the standard 3528, is a versatile package that can accommodate a wide range of wattages and voltages. Different wattage and voltage ranges are needed to optimize lamp and fixture designs to ensure the best system efficiencies and cost.

For the new 0.5W versions, three different voltage options are available: 3V, 6V and 9V. In addition, two 1W high-power versions are available: 6V and 9V. Each of these 2835-ELB LEDs has high efficacy, high-CRI (color rendering index) options of >80 or 90Ra, high-R9 options of >0 or 50, and easy-to-use lambertian light patterns. 3SDCM binning is available as well to keep chromaticity coordinates under tight control. These features make the 2835-ELB package suitable especially for general lighting applications such as bulbs, linear lamps and fixtures, or downlights, says the firm.

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