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10 March 2016

Multitest launches mmWave Contactor interface for high-frequency testing in high-volume production

Multitest elektronische Systeme GmbH of Rosenheim, Germany (a company of Xcerra Corp of Norwood, MA, USA that makes material handling equipment and interfaces for testing and calibrating semiconductors and sensors) has introduced a contacting solution for testing extremely high-frequency semiconductors in high-volume production. The mmWave Contactor offers field-proven electrical performance while maintaining mechanical characteristics, says the firm.

Multitest has developed a hybrid contacting solution that combines traditional spring probe architecture for low-frequency and power I/Os while incorporating a cantilever solution for the peripheral high-frequency transceiver I/Os. By combining spring probe and cantilever technologies, Multitest has extended the reach of volume-production contactors to the extremely high-frequency ranges needed by automotive radar, WiGig, and 5G backhaul devices.

By keeping the interface from test equipment to the device as short as possible while minimizing the number of transitions, Multitest is able to minimize the loss and maintain broadband performance from DC to 81GHz (<-10dB return loss and 4dB to 6dB insertion loss typical at 81GHz).

The mmWave contactor addresses the mechanical requirements of high-volume production by incorporating high-compliance, robust spring probes and materials and on-site replacement compatibility. The contactor assembly can be fully serviced onsite without incurring delays due to shipping lead times or RMA queues. The entire contacting solution is mechanically assembled and each component can be removed and replaced on-site.

The mmWave contactor solution from Xcerra is a field-proven solution for high-volume semiconductor test that has overcome the challenge of using of metal transmission lines for extremely high-frequency applications.  

"With the advent of production volumes of extremely high-frequency semiconductors, it begs the question, 'How will you test it?'," says Jason Mroczkowski, director RF product development & marketing. "The experts at Multitest have considered all factors, ranging from impedance discontinuities to stackup tolerances and their impact on RF performance at mmWave frequencies," he adds. "Xcerra is the only supplier offering a complete test cell solution for volume production of automotive radar devices up to 81GHz. This test cell includes the tester, handler and interface components required for a true high-volume production test of mmWave devices. A critical component of this hardware is the Multitest mmWave Contactor. To date there are many lab and low-volume solutions for extremely high-frequency semiconductor test, but none exist for true high-volume production test of mmWave devices. Until now."

Tags: RF testing

Visit: www.multitest.com/mmWave

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