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9 March 2016

Tiger Optics launches analyser for detection of moisture in ammonia down to 2ppb

At the Pittcon conference in Atlanta (6-10 March), laser-based trace gas analyzer manufacturer Tiger Optics LLC of Warrington, PA, USA exhibited the new ALOHA+ H2O analyzer, which refines the detection of moisture in ammonia to levels down to 2 parts-per-billion (ppb), achieving five times the sensitivity of incumbent technology, it is reckoned. Also at Pittcon, senior scientist Dr Florian Adler presented the paper 'Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Analyzer for Trace Moisture Detection in Ultra-Pure Ammonia' in the Specialty Gas Analysis session.

Five years ago, Tiger introduced its original ALOHA H2O analyzer for the high-brightness light-emitting diode (HB LED) market, meeting the need to detect moisture in ammonia at levels to 10ppb, as higher concentrations impair the electroluminescent intensity of HB LEDs and diminish process yields. This directly affects profit margins, as brightness determines whether an LED finds use in a flat-screen TV or is relegated to use in lower-value consumer products.

"When we entered the moisture in ammonia analysis market back in 2004, we did so with an analyzer that had the lowest detection limit available," says founder & chief executive Lisa Bergson. "We've developed close relationships with the leading gas manufacturers, purifier makers and end-users of ammonia," she adds. "When they told us that they needed an analyzer that had limits lower than even our best analyzer, we developed the ALOHA+ H2O analyzer and reduced the LDL [lowest detection limit] to an astonishingly low level of 2ppb."

With the new ALOHA+ H2O analyzer, Tiger Optics is addressing the evermore exacting needs of HB LED makers, tool manufacturers, purifier makers and the gas companies that supply ammonia, the preferred source of nitrogen for the production of gallium nitride (GaN)-based HB LEDs.

The compact analyzer fits two to a 19'' rack and features the firm's proven cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) laser-based technology. Often used in remote locations (where skilled technicians and support services are not available) and offering a combination of sensitivity and robustness, the analyzers require little maintenance and are easy to install and to operate, says Tiger.

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