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18 May 2016

X-Microwave adds Peregrine's RF products to online simulation and prototype system

In a newly announced collaboration, the RF products of Peregrine Semiconductor Corp of San Diego, CA, USA – a fabless provider of radio-frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) based on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) – will be added to the online simulation tool and hardware prototyping system of modular system design firm X-Microwave LLC of Round Rock, TX, USA.

X-Microwave's modular building-block system X-MWsystem simplifies the modular design process and enables RF engineers to easily simulate and prototype RF and microwave circuits. To kick off the new collaboration, 16 Peregrine products are being added to the X-Microwave system as drop-in X-MWblock components.

At the heart of X-Microwave's system is an X-MWblock portfolio of hundreds of physically compatible, drop-in or drop-on components, which are highly characterized and modeled with X-parameters and S-parameters at the system block level. To create a modular design, X-Microwave provides a free, non-linear online simulation tool that leverages Keysight's Genesys Spectrasys engine. After simulation, X-MWblock drop-in components are used to prototype systems through X-Microwave's prototype station for testing, aligning and configuring integrated microwave assemblies up to 50GHz. Finally, the same X-MWblock components can be moved from the prototype station directly to machined housings for production hardware, eliminating the need for custom layouts.

"From a concept to final production hardware, X-Microwave streamlines the complete design process," says X-Microwave's president & CEO John Richardson. "Peregrine's impressive RF product portfolio is an important addition to the X-Microwave building-block system," he adds. "Our users will benefit from the ability to drop in Peregrine's products into their X-Microwave-based modular designs."

The Peregrine products now available in the X-Microwave system include RF switches, digital step attenuators (DSAs), tuning control switches, power limiters, and monolithic phase and amplitude controllers (MPACs).

"X-Microwave offers a solution for RF engineers who need a sophisticated evaluation platform for system design simulations and quick prototyping," comments Peregrine's director of marketing Kinana Hussain. "X-Microwave's innovative system provides another avenue for our customers to evaluate our industry-leading RF products, especially in higher frequencies."

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