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13 May 2016

Riber's Q1 revenue almost halves year-on-year

Riber S.A. of Bezons, France, which manufactures molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems as well as evaporation sources and effusion cells, recently said that its quarterly revenue had almost halved year-on-year from €2.7m in first-quarter 2015, down 52% to €1.4m in first-quarter 2016 (30% from Asia, 33% from Europe, 37% from the USA).

While no revenue was recorded for MBE systems (compared with €1.5m a year ago), this reflects a delivery schedule for system orders that is focused on second-half 2016 and is not indicative of the firm's performance over the full year.

Sales of services, accessories and cells show 17% growth year-on-year from €1.2m in Q1/2015 to €1.4m in Q1/2016, driven by sustained demand in the USA and the good commercial performance achieved following the acquisition at the end of March 2015 of MBE Control Solutions of Santa Barbara, CA, USA (which provides MBE system maintenance and refurbishment services). Specifically, revenue for services & accessories has risen by 11% from €0.9m to €1m, while revenue for cells & sources has risen by 33% from €0.3m to €0.4m.

The total order book has almost trebled, rising by 176% from just €4.5m at the end of Q1/2015 to €12.4m at the end of Q1/2016.

Following the high level of orders recorded in second-half 2015, in Q1/2016 Riber received orders for a production system in Asia and a research system in Europe, highlighting the gradual upturn in MBE business. The system order book hence comprises two production machines for delivery in 2016 (worth €5m) compared with none in 2015, and five research systems for delivery in 2016 (worth €4.5m) compared with just two in 2015. The system order book specifically has hence almost quadrupled, rising by 265% from €2.6m at the end of Q1/2015 to €9.5m at the end of Q1/2016.

In addition, the order book for services, cells and sources has risen by 45% from €2m to €2.9m. Specifically, the order book for services & accessories has almost doubled, rising by 85% from €1.3m to €2.4m, while the order book for cells & sources has fallen by 28% from €0.7m to €0.5m.

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