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18 November 2016

Arima shifting from nitride blue LEDs to AlGaInP infrared LED chips

LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker Arima Optoelectronics Corp (AOC) of Taoyuan, Taiwan has ceased production of nitride-based blue LED chips and shifted production to aluminum gallium indium phosphide (AlGaInP) LEDs in order to avoid price-price competition in the blue LED segment, reports Digitimes.

Arima has shut down 40 MOCVD systems used to produce blue LED epiwafers and chips, while 18 have been transferred to produce AlGaInP LED wafers and chips, the firm says.

Due to the high technological entry barrier, there are relatively few manufacturers of AlGaInP LED chips. The main competitors are Germany-based Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH, China-based San'an Optoelectronics and Taiwan-based Epistar, Arima notes.

Arima is now focusing on infrared (IR)-emitting AlGaInP chips for applications such as iris recognition, automotive dashboards, brake lamps and direction indicators, plant-growth lighting, LED lighting and security surveillance. The firm has developed IR LED chips with emission wavelengths of 810nm, 850nm and 940nm.

Currently, China accounts for 56.6% of revenue from IR LED chips, Taiwan 19.2%, and South Korea 16.3%, Arima reckons.


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