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19 September 2016

MACOM launches chip-set for short-reach VCSEL-based 100Gbps onboard optics applications

MACOM Technology Solutions Inc of Lowell, MA, USA (which makes semiconductors, components and subassemblies for analog RF, microwave, millimeter-wave and photonic applications) has launched the MALD-37345, a quad 28G vertical-cavity surface-emittiing laser (VCSEL) driver with input equalizer, and the MATA-37344, a quad 28G transimpedance amplifier (TIA). The complete transmit/receive solution is targeted at short-reach VCSEL-based 100Gbps onboard optics, but is also suitable for optical modules and active optical cable (AOC) applications.

As an addition to MACOM's portfolio of short-reach VCSEL drivers and TIAs, the new chipset is a next-generation evolution of the existing MALD-37045 and MATA-37044 (currently shipping) that eliminates the need for clock & data recovery (CDR). The new chipset is backwards pin compatible with the MALD-37045 and MATA-37044, enabling customers with the ability to mix and match parts to include or not include a CDR for extreme flexibility.

"These devices, while optimized primarily for on-board optics, are still able to support active optical cables and optical modules," notes director of product marketing Marek Tlalka. "By eliminating the need for the clock and data recovery circuitry present in its predecessors, this chipset enables our customers to deliver ultra-low-power and low-cost transceivers that can be placed close to host ASICs for intra-system optical connectivity," he adds. "Additionally, with its compatibility to our existing MALD-37045 and MATA-37044 devices including CDR, the new chipset is a truly versatile solution."

The VCSEL driver of the MALD-37345 includes programmable eye-shaping features and an input equalizer. The high-sensitivity TIA of the MATA-37344 features selectable bandwidth to support up to 28.05Gbps and lower-speed legacy data rates, as well as an output driver with programmable output swing and 2-tap de-emphasis. Both devices are available in 2mm x 3mm die form, supplied in waffle packs, whole wafers or quartered wafers.

"Increasing data rates on the PCBs creates signal integrity and thermal constraints due to concentration on the optical IO at the front panel," comments Simon Stanley, founder & principal consultant at Earlswood Marketing Ltd and analyst-at-large with Heavy Reading. "By placing a transceiver close to the host ASIC, these constraints are alleviated," he adds. "MACOM's chip-set is enabling the deployment of 100Gbps onboard optical transceivers."

MACOM's portfolio of VCSEL drivers and TIAs are being exhibited in booth #645 at the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC 2016) in Düsseldorf, Germany (19-21 September).

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