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26 September 2016

Osram and BMW laser headlight development nominated for 2016 German Future Prize

A team from Osram and BMW is one of three nominees for the €250,000 2016 German Future Prize (to be presented by Germany's President Joachim Gauck on 30 November) awarded annually in recognition of outstanding innovations in technology, engineering or natural scientific. Working together on the project 'Laser light technology for the automobile – with safety and foresight into the future', the two companies have developed a light source and high-beam lamp technology that is already in use on the BMW i8 (since 2014) and BMW 7 series (since 2015).

In combination with other driver assistance functions, laser light technology (with ranges of up to 600m) significantly enhances the driver's field of vision at night, contributing to road safety. Additionally, Osram and BMW have implemented an integrated fail-safe system that prevents blue laser light from being emitted in the event of a malfunction, crash or manual manipulation (guaranteed by multiple redundant safety mechanisms).

For laser technology to be a sustainable and successful option in road traffic, there needs to be a high level of usage. Current developments by Osram and BMW are therefore focused on reducing costs and simplifying module design. The two firms are working on the interplay between safety, comfort, energy efficiency and design. Osram has already developed further generations of laser technology for other models of vehicle, and BMW is planning to install laser light in several series of cars being revised over the next few years.

Additional applications in other forms of transportation are conceivable, such as in aircraft, ships and trains. Also, the healthcare and entertainment sectors could benefit from the technology in the future, the firms reckon.

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