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26 April 2017

MACOM adds single-ended SOT-89- and differential SOIC-8EP-packaged families of amplifiers spanning 5-1218MHz for DOCSIS 3.1 CATV infrastructure

At the EDI CON China 2017 Electronic Design Innovation Conference in Shanghai (25-27 April), MACOM Technology Solutions Inc of Lowell, MA, USA (which makes semiconductors, components and subassemblies for analog RF, microwave, millimeter-wave and photonic applications) has launched seven new CATV amplifiers designed for 5V operation covering both upstream 5-300MHz and downstream 45-1218MHz frequency bands.

The 75Ω amplifiers are offered in a single-ended SOT-89 package and differential SOIC-8EP package. Additionally, each product family is layout compatible, allowing design engineers performance flexibility on the same system board.

The new devices are designed specifically for DOCSIS 3.1 distributed and legacy hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks. The DOCSIS3.1 standard addresses market demand for higher broadband performance from multiple service operators (MSOs). As a supplier of active and passive products to broadband OEMs, MACOM says that its latest active families offer design engineers the ability to select the required performance while optimizing power consumption.

“MACOM’s latest wired broadband single-ended and differential amplifier families offer optimal balance between linearity, noise figure and power efficiency, which are required in today’s infrastructure networks,” says Graham Board, senior director, Multi-Market Products, at MACOM.

The single-ended 5V 3-lead SOT-89 family comprises the following low-noise-figure, high-linearity amplifiers:

  • the MAAL-011139 provides 21.5dB of gain, and can be biased at 3-5V with adjustable current, achieving a noise figure of 1.2dB and OIP3 of 34dBm;
  • the MAAM-011162 provides 18dB of flat gain in both up- and downstream applications;
  • the MAAM-011251 provides 15dB of flat gain in both up- and downstream applications;
  • the MAAM-011258 provides 12dB of flat gain in both up- and downstream applications.

The differential 5V SOIC-8EP family comprises the following amplifiers:

  • the MAAM-011163 offers 19dB gain, a noise figure of 2.4dB, and OIP3 of 42dBm;
  • the MAAM-011240 offers 17dB gain, a noise figure of 2.6dB, and OPI3 of 44dBm; and
  • the MAAM-011250 offers 15dB gain, a noise figure of 2.8dB, and OPI3 of 44dBm.

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