, AES highlighting modular, space-saving design of VERSA-GAS vSource rack-mount systems


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14 December 2017

AES highlighting modular, space-saving design of VERSA-GAS vSource rack-mount systems

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Applied Energy Systems (AES) of Malvern, PA, USA – which provides high- and ultra-high-purity gas delivery systems, services and solutions (including design, manufacturing, testing, installation, and field service) – is showcasing the modular, space-saving design of its VERSA-GAS vSource rack-mount systems for the safe delivery of non-hazardous process or purge gases.

Applications using industrial or specialty gases require source systems to support their high-purity processes and purge routines, and AES’ rack-mounted systems provide a flexible alternative to statically placed wall-mounted source equipment. They offer mobility that is particularly valuable in environments where facility space is limited or is often reconfigured, such as laboratories, because they can be easily relocated to suit changing process requirements.

The modular design of vSource Rack Mount Systems further adds to their versatility, with the systems available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic configurations to support high- or low-pressure applications. Additional features include:

  • an 11 gauge steel mounting rack to enable free-standing installation and panel mobility;
  • ultra-high-purity 316L SS components orbitally welded in a Class 100 cleanroom;
  • tied diaphragm pressure regulators to enhance safety through improved shutoff and increased purging performance by eliminating entrapment;
  • VCR metal gasket face seal fittings for metal-to-metal, leak-tight connections;
  • a SEMI S2-certified design and helium leak testing system validation to 10-9atm-cm3/s; and
  • front-mounted components to facilitate ease of maintenance.

“Gas source system flexibility is something our customers need, but can’t always find from typical equipment providers,” says AES’ general manager Jim Murphy. “Our vSource Rack Mount Systems are a perfect example of how we prioritize versatility in our product engineering, so that our equipment can meet the diverse process or purge gas delivery needs of users in the lab, the fab, industrial or high-tech facilities,” he adds. “Whether they are supporting low- or high-pressure applications, need a manual or fully automatic design, want to save valuable wall space, or need to relocate panels as required, we can deliver the vSource Rack to meet their demands.”

In addition to the rack-mounted systems, the VERSA-GAS vSource line includes cabinets and panels that uphold high-purity process and purging requirements, and that are configurable to meet specific application and budgetary demands.

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