, PHIX Photonics Assembly and Tyndall strengthen collaboration


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8 December 2017

PHIX Photonics Assembly and Tyndall strengthen collaboration

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PHIX Photonics Assembly (PHIX) of Enschede, The Netherlands and PIXAPP Photonic Integrated Circuits Assembly and Packaging Pilot Line coordinator Tyndall National Institute (based at University College Cork in Ireland) have strengthened their collaboration in developing the photonic packaging ecosystem by arranging dedicated training of PHIX engineers on Tyndall’s advanced packaging equipment. This sharing of knowledge is targeted at strengthening the photonic ecosystem in Europe and assuring open access to high-volume photonic integrated circuit (PIC) packaging through the PIXAPP pilot line.

PHIX supplies photonic assembly & packaging services targeting high-volume PIC applications. The initiator and shareholder of PHIX (LioniX International) is also a partner in the PIXAPP Pilot Line and will provide PIXAPP with access to a new high-volume assembly line as the next stage for customers after accessing the pilot line. Both PHIX and Tyndall will actively supply engineering resources to support the further development of the packaging and assembly processes.

PHIX will provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, supporting the European and global industrial development of photonic integrated circuits (PICs). PHIX focuses on a hybrid platform, consisting of two or more different chips that are assembled in a planar configuration and coupled to optical fibers. The PICs are fabricated on indium phosphide (InP) or silicon substrates. The hybrid platform supports a wide range of applications, and PHIX will standardize key processes and assembly steps with the support of Tyndall.

“Offering packaging services requires both processing and state-of-the-art equipment knowledge,” says PHIX CEO Albert Hasper. ”With Tyndall we have found a partner that has a broad range of processing knowledge for PIC assemblies complementary to our expertise,” he comments.

Picture: PHIX Photonics Assembly engineers visiting Tyndall’s packaging laboratories for training on advanced packaging technologies and to learn about packaging design rules. Courtesy of PHIX Photonics Assembly.

“We are delighted to support PHIX develop volume packaging processes and to provide comprehensive training to its staff,” says Peter O’Brien, head of group and director of the PIXAPP pilot line at Tyndall. “A key objective of PIXAPP is to build the integrated photonics ecosystem, establishing a volume manufacturing capability in Europe. Our focus on packaging design rules helps achieve this objective, ensuring efficient and scalable assembly processes, ” he adds. “We plan to train PHIX engineers on the principles of these design rules, and how to implement them to build complex integrated photonic assemblies.”

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