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23 March 2017

Lumentum highlights new products and technologies at OFC

In booth # 3001 at the Optical Fiber Communication conference & exhibition (OFC 2017) in Los Angeles (21-23 March), optical and photonic product maker Lumentum Holdings Inc of Milpitas, CA, USA is exhibiting a full complement of its datacom and telecom products as well as giving live demonstrations.

In Datacom transceivers, Lumentum has on hand a full array of products including the following:

100G transceivers

  • QSFP28 SWDM4, SR4: compact 100G transceivers supporting links of up to 100m on multi-mode fiber;
  • QSFP28 CWDM4: compact 100G transceiver supporting links of up to 2km on duplex single-mode fiber;
  • QSFP28 LR4: compact 100G transceiver supporting links of up to 10km on duplex single-mode fiber (supporting both Ethernet and OTN rates with a maximum power dissipation of 3.5 W);
  • 4WDM-10, 20: compact 100G transceivers supporting links of up to 10km and 20km on duplex single-mode fiber, extending the reach of CWDM4 and LR4 platforms through the use of forward error correction (FEC) on the host card (supporting both Ethernet and OTN rates with a maximum power dissipation of 3.5W);
  • CFP2/CFP4 LR4: 100G transceivers supporting links of up to 10km on duplex, single-mode fiber.
  • Live 100G demonstration: Lumentum is conducting a live-traffic 100G demo utilizing a commercial 100GE switch with various QSFP28 transceivers: CWDM4, 4WDM-10, LR4, and short-reach (SR) products.

400G transceivers
For the drive to 400G for hyperscale datacenter applications, Lumentum is showcasing several 400G transceivers including QSFP-DD FR4, DR4 and OSFP FR4. The QSFP-DD and OSFP transceivers comply with the recently announced QSFP-DD multi-source agreement (MSA) and OSFP MSA, respectively (for both of which Lumentum was an early participant and contributor). These products leverage the firm’s heritage of photonic integration and utilize its electro-absorption modulator laser (EML) technology. Lumentum says that it is engaged with key customers to ensure that these solutions meet the requirements for this key future market.

SDN optical whitebox platform
Lumentum’s SDN optical whitebox platform is designed for simplicity and scalability, with open interfaces. This family of configurable building blocks will support the construction of networking solutions for varied applications based on specific performance and cost requirements. The platform includes:

  • The terminal amplifier whitebox and its associated mux/demux (forming the endpoints of a transport link);
  • The mux/demux passive element (providing the entry/exit point for data transmission channels);
  • The line amplifier whitebox (used to extend system reach beyond the single span limit of the terminal amplifier whitebox); and
  • The ROADM whitebox (used to support wavelength agility in meshed networks).

Line-side transceivers and components
As Lumentum continues to augment and expand the capabilities of its line-side transmission portfolio, it has announced the general availability of the e-temp T-SFP+ transceiver for high-density metro applications, and a dual integrated coherent receiver (dual ICR) for next-generation coherent applications up to 400G. The CFP2-ACO pluggable coherent module is featured in booth #3853 as part of a live demonstration (OIF Physical & Link Layer Interoperability Demo), showing interoperability with other vendor ACO modules and commercially available digital signal processors (DSPs) running 200G 16QAM traffic. Lumentum continues to engage key customers with its CFP2-ACO and ITXA products and work through module integration to close on key design win opportunities.

High-speed optical modulators
Lumentum has a portfolio of high-performance Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)-compliant, dual-polarization quad-parallel Mach-Zehnder lithium-niobate modulators supporting metro, regional and long-haul networks. At OFC, several advanced modulators supporting 100G, 200G and 400G applications are on display. The firm has engaged with the OIF as it sets the definition of next generation modulators, and engaged with customers to support these emerging modulator system standards.

TrueFlex portfolio
Lumentum is showcasing its newest TrueFlex solutions, including:

  • TrueFlex Single-slot Super Transport Blades: featuring the Micro 1x9, the Micro Twin 1x9, and the Micro Twin 1x20 wavelength-selective switch (WSS), optical channel monitor, switchable-gain preamp erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) and variable-gain booster EDFA;
  • TrueFlex Multi-cast Switch: featuring the Twin 4x4 multi-cast switch and the upgradeable Twin 4x16 switch (continuing to push the envelope for contentionless add/drop capacity and density);
  • TrueFlex Optical Channel Monitoring Portfolio: featuring the Quad OCM, the tunable filter, and the tunable filter OCM (offering fixed and gridless scanning for power monitoring blades and single-slot ROADM blades).

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