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22 March 2017

NeoPhotonics showcasing 400G coherent product suite

In booth 3017 at the Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) conference & exhibition in Los Angeles (21-23 March), NeoPhotonics Corp of San Jose, CA, USA (a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of hybrid photonic integrated optoelectronic modules and subsystems for high-speed communications networks) is showcasing its suite of products for 400G coherent systems.

Headlining the product suite is the ClearLight 64 Gbaud CFP2-ACO pluggable module, which incorporates NeoPhotonics’ new generation of coherent optical components for 400G applications. Also included are NeoPhotonics’ 64Gbaud micro-modulator (Micro-MOD), 64Gbaud micro-intradyne coherent receiver (Micro-ICR) and ultra-narrow-linewidth tunable laser (Micro-TL). The 400G product suite offers solutions uniquely designed for the demanding requirements of higher-order modulation coherent systems, says the firm.

  • The ClearLight 64Gbaud CFP2-ACO pluggable coherent module uses the new generation of 64Gbaud optical components to achieve 400G single-wavelength coherent transport for data-center and metro applications. It runs at 64Gbaud, twice the symbol rate of 100G systems, and supports higher-order modulation of 16, 32 and 64 QAM.
  • The 64Gbaud Micro-MOD polarization-multiplexed quadrature micro-modulator features a co-packaged indium phosphide (InP) modulator with linear, high-bandwidth differential drivers in a compact package to operate in 400G-and-beyond pluggable modules that demand reduced size and power consumption requirements.
  • The Class 40 high-bandwidth 64Gbaud Micro-ICR is designed for 64Gbaud symbol rates, doubling the RF bandwidth of existing 100G ICRs. The 64Gbaud Micro-ICR supports higher-order modulation up to 64 QAM.
  • The low-profile ultra-narrow-linewidth external-cavity tunable laser (Micro-TL) has been proven in volume production and is now configured in a smaller, lower-profile package, designed to meet the stringent requirements for packaging density in pluggable modules. The external-cavity laser has a significantly narrower linewidth, which is advantageous for higher-order modulation formats of 16 QAM and above.

“To reach the highest possible speed in a manufacturable module, each component must also achieve the highest performance while also being based on a durable manufacturable platform,” says chairman & CEO Tim Jenks. “Our 400G suite evolved directly from our 100G offering heightened performance, extended reach and higher-order modulation and are derived directly from platform products already in volume production,” he adds.

At OFC, NeoPhotonics is also demonstrating its ClearLight 100G CFP-DCO and the ClearLight CFP2-ACO for 400G and 600G coherent transport, as well as its 10km CFP8 400G transceiver for client-side and data-center networks. NeoPhotonics is also a partner to Ciena in expanding Wavelogic Ai technology for 400G applications.

In addition, on March 21, chief technology officer Dr Winston Way gave a presentation ‘High Bandwidth Components for Single-Lambda 400G Coherent Systems’ as part of the Market Watch Panel ‘Market Outlook for High Bandwidth Optical Technologies’.

NeoPhotonics is also exhibiting its suite of standard and small-form-factor photonic integrated cicuit (PIC)-based components for 100G-600G coherent line-side applications, along with its 100G and 400G client-side and data-center CFP2 and CFP8 transceivers, as well as its multi-cast switches for contentionless reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers (ROADMs).

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