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7 March 2017

Osram launches Oslux IRED yielding high-quality images for facial recognition

Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany is expanding its Oslux product family for biometric security solutions with a specially designed variant for facial recognition. Exhibited at the 2017 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain (27 February – 2 March), the compact infrared SFH 4796S LED (IRED) ensures uniform illumination of facial features for high image quality, says the firm.

Facial recognition is considered to be a highly secure form of biometric identification. The system records the user’s face and detects typical features independent of facial expressions. However, to identify these features accurately and reliably, the software requires high-quality images. This means illuminating the face brightly and evenly, without shadows – and for this method to safeguard laptops and tablets, it also has to work in a wide variety of lighting conditions. The solution lies in additional illumination of the face with infrared light, says the firm.

Based on its proven Oslux family, the particular strength of the new IRED package lies in the fact that the low-profile design nonetheless enables a narrow emission angle. This ensures that the generated light hits exactly the point where illumination is required, so the overall system operates extremely efficiently. Also, Oslux IREDs are based on an internal reflector and a specially adapted, integrated lens, and the flat component surface is a particular advantage.

The SFH 4796S has an emission angle (±40°) that is a suitable fit for the field of view required by facial recognition systems. Due to specially adjusted internal reflectors and lenses, the IRED achieves extremely even illumination of the face. “We can build on our in-depth knowledge around the interplay between chip, package, reflector and optical elements,” says marketing manager Bianka Schnabel. “Adding this new device to the family allows us to offer a broad portfolio specifically for the Oslux package, now also encompassing dedicated solutions for facial recognition.”

The SFH 4796S is based on a highly efficient chip featuring nanostack technology. At 1A current, the IRED generates optical power of 800mW, ensuring ample illumination for its identification applications. Radiant intensity is 550mW/sr. The component is just 1.4mm high, with a footprint of 3.5mm x 3.5mm. At a wavelength of 850nm, the emitted light does not dazzle users and is simply perceived as a weak red glow, giving an indication that the facial recognition function is currently active. The sensitivity of camera sensors in this spectral range remains good.

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