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11 May 2017

Osram showcases Oslon Square Hyper Red high-power LED with larger chip and improved radiant flux for horticulture lighting

At the LightFair International 2017 trade show in Philadelphia (9-11 May), Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany has showcased the Oslon Square Hyper Red LED prototype for promoting healthy plant growth. This third-generation 2W LED features improved emission characteristics, higher optical output and corrosion resistance, so plant lighting systems based on it can be made particularly economical, says the firm.

By using LEDs with different wavelengths, commercial growers are now able to control each individual stage of plant growth. With a wavelength of 660nm the prototype of the Oslon Square Hyper Red, for example, can control the growth of blossom. Together with the deep blue (450nm) and far red (730nm) versions, Osram Opto’s Oslon family spans the entire spectrum of plant growth.

The prototype of the high-power LED has an integrated 2mm x 2mm chip that provides improved performance. By using the latest technologies, developers have been able to achieve a typical radiant power of 905mW with radiant efficacy of 60%, at a drive current of 700mA and an operating temperature of 25°C. This represents an improvement of 13% in terms of radiant power and 25% better radiant efficacy compared with the existing Oslon SSL LED. The beam angle of the Oslon Square Hyper Red is 120°.

“Thanks to its high corrosion resistance and long life, the new Oslon Square Hyper Red is extremely reliable,” says Kok Peng Lim, product manager SSL. “Our new flagship product therefore also meets the usual high quality standards of the entire Oslon family.”

The Oslon Square Hyper Red has the same footprint as the existing Oslon SSL versions, so it can be easily used as a replacement. Switching to the new product makes economic sense for users in two respects, reckons Osram Opto: (1) the new high-power LED is more powerful than its predecessor, and (2) one Oslon Square Hyper Red can replace two Oslon SSL LEDs.

Volume production of the new LEDs is scheduled for the end of 2017.

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