, AKHAN issued Japan patent covering fabrication of diamond semiconductor materials


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15 November 2017

AKHAN issued Japan patent covering fabrication of diamond semiconductor materials

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AKHAN Semiconductor Inc of Gurnee, IL, USA, which specializes in the fabrication and application of lab-grown, electronics-grade diamond, says that the Japan Patent Office has issued it patent JP6195831 (B2) covering a method for the fabrication of diamond semiconductor materials, core to applications including automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, military, defense, and telecoms systems.

“Its issuance protects our proprietary interests in diamond semiconductor in one of the nations leading the globe in diamond research,” says founder & CEO Adam Khan. “Following this year’s issuances of a Taiwan diamond semiconductor patent, and a major US diamond transparent electronics patent, the Japan patent issuance is a further testament to AKHAN’s leadership in the diamond semiconductor space,” he claims.

Japan, which has actively funded millions of dollars into diamond electronics research since 2002, earlier this year announced progress in the development of diamond semiconductor device performance. The AKHAN granted and issued patent is a foreign counterpart of other issued and pending patents that are used in the firm’s Miraj Diamond Platform products. As a key patent, the claims protect uses far beyond the existing applications, including microprocessor applications. Covering the base materials common to nearly all semiconductor components, the intellectual property can be realized in everything from diodes, transistors, and power inverters, to fully functioning diamond chips such as integrated circuitry, says AKHAN.

Diamond-based technology is capable of increasing power density as well as creating faster, lighter, and simpler devices for consumer use. Cheaper and thinner than its silicon counterparts, diamond-based electronics could become the industry standard for energy-efficient electronics, reckons the firm.

“This patent adds to the list of other key patents in the field of diamond semiconductor that are owned by the company, including the ability to fabricate transparent electronics, as well as the ability to form reliable metal contacts to diamond semiconductor systems,” notes president & chief operating officer Carl Shurboff. “This patent bolsters the supporting evidence of AKHAN’s leadership in manufacturing diamond semiconductor products, and supports ongoing efforts with our major defense, aerospace and space system development partners.”

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AKHAN issued with patent covering fabrication of diamond semiconductor materials

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