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16 July 2018

Inphi samples first 100Gbps Porrima single-lambda PAM4 platform solution for QSFP28 and SFP-DD 100GBASE-DR/FR optical modules

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Inphi Corp of Santa Clara, CA, USA (a provider of high-speed mixed-signal ICs for communications, computing and data-center markets) has expanded its 16nm Porrima single-lambda pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4) platform family with the complete 100Gbps/56GBaud platform solution for 100G QSFP28 and SFP-DD DR/FR optical modules for wired network infrastructure including hyperscale cloud data-center, service provider, wireless 5G and enterprise networks.

The 16nm Porrima 100G platform includes field-proven PAM4 digital signal processoer (DSP) technology, a linear transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and a driver for PAM4-based client optical modules. Built from the same foundation as the 400Gbps 16nm PAM4 DSP announced at March’s Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC 2018) in San Diego, the new 100Gbps variant has all the benefits, including experience from five generations of DSP development (each of which have been field deployed starting 2016), optical platform expertise and an API-based DSP software suite that can achieve quick time to market with the right trade-offs in power and performance.

The Porrima 100G platform enables the anticipated fast ramp of 100G DR QSFP optics inside megascale cloud data centers and wireless 5G deployment. Porrima 100G DSP supports all relevant IEEE PCS and KR/KP FEC options for legacy support and backward compatibility with 3.2T and 6.4T switches with 25G NRZ I/O.

“The industry shipped upwards of 3 million 100Gbps optical modules last year and is expected to double that in 2018, with the largest share of them being four-laser 100Gbps CWDM modules for single-mode fiber,” comments Dale Murray, principal analyst for LightCounting Market Research. “The Inphi 100G Porrima platform will enable single-laser, full-duplex single-mode 100Gbps optical modules that could be more cost effective than the four-laser variants and will also support breakout with 400G-DR4 for dense 100Gbps fabrics,” he adds.

“The Porrima 100G is ideally suited for both QSFP and SFP module form factors, offering our customers both legacy QSFP support and an upgrade path to higher-density 100Gbps with the upcoming 12.8T switches,” says Siddharth Sheth, Inphi’s senior VP, Networking Interconnects.

Key attributes of the new Porrima 100G PAM4 platform include:

  • Low power consumption for next-generation 100Gbps module applications, enabling <3.5W DR/FR optical modules per IEEE standards and MSA;
  • enables the DR/FR optical modules for legacy 3.2/6.4T switches while offering an effortless upgrade path for 12.8T switches;
  • optimally designed DSP and TIA receive chain for power-performance trade-offs;
  • enables customers to develop a 100Gbps optical interconnects in a compact form factor for applications with up to 10km;
  • the supporting IN5630DE linear driver and IN566x linear TIA provide packaging flexibility for excellent linearity, high bandwidth, adjustable gain to optimize the PAM4 system performances and wide dynamic range to meet the different performance and link requirements for optical applications;
  • implemented in small form factor and power efficiency on proven, high-volume 16nm process technology node, ensuring fastest time to production.

The Porrima 100G PAM4 DSP IC provides a full bi-directional interface with host ASICs that have 28GBaud PAM4and NRZ electrical interfaces while bridging to 56GBaud optics. The product family can support PAM4 or NRZ signaling, with packaging options specifically designed for the following optics modules:

  • Porrima 100G – 4x25Gbps NRZ <-> 1x100Gbps PAM4 for 100G QSFP28 DR;
  • Porrima 100G – 2x50Gbps PAM4 <-> 1x100Gbps PAM4 for QSFP28/uQSFP/SFP-DD.

Additional Porrima technical features include:

  • a fifth-generation InphiNity DSP engine with a unique mixed-mode DSP architecture for high-performance, low-power applications needing adaptability and configurability;
  • numerous self-test and loopback modes that allow diagnostic monitoring of channel and system parameters;
  • modular API software suite that covers link margin and stress testing along with data and error analytics;
  • forward error correction (FEC) functionality for 100Gbps optics are integrated and software configurable.

The IN5630DE is a 56GBaud low-power single-channel linear driver for PAM4 optical modules. Features include what is claimed to be excellent linearity, high bandwidth and adjustable gain to optimize the PAM4 system performances, as well as a low-power modulator driver in bare die form.

The IN5661TA is a 56GBaud low-power single-channel linear TIA for PAM4 optical modules. Features include: wide dynamic range (to meet the different performance and link requirements for optical applications), excellent signal integrity necessary for PAM4 modulation schemes, and low power and small form factor.

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