, NeoPhotonics launches 53GBaud linear optical component family for 400G data-center applications


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6 March 2018

NeoPhotonics launches 53GBaud linear optical component family for 400G data-center applications

© Semiconductor Today Magazine / Juno PublishiPicture: Disco’s DAL7440 KABRA laser saw.

NeoPhotonics Corp of San Jose, CA, USA (a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of hybrid photonic integrated optoelectronic modules and subsystems for high-speed communications networks) has launched its 53GBaud linear optical component family, which includes PAM4 (4-level pulse amplitude modulation)-capable optical components for 100G and 400G cloud data-center and other client applications, including drivers and electro-absorption modulated lasers (EMLs) in transmitters plus PIN photodetectors and transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) in receivers.

Cloud data centers are generating strong demand for transceiver solutions with higher port densities and lower cost per bit, which is driving the technology shift to single-lambda 100Gbps with PAM4 technology. The 53Gbaud family offers module designers a complete set of optical components with accompanying analog electronic chips designed to achieve high-performance with low power consumption in small-form-factor applications.

The 53GBaud linear optical component family includes:

  • 53GBaud Open Drain Driver (ODD) for linear operation of EML lasers. With a typical 90mW of power consumption per channel and small size, this high-speed driver is suitable for space and power efficiency in small-form-factor pluggable modules.
  • 53GBaud Mach–Zehnder modulator (MZM drivers) for silicon photonics modulators. This quad driver has a high 3.5Vppd output per channel and a typical 2.2W low power consumption for all four channels designed for small-form-factor pluggable modules.
  • 53GBaud CWDM4 EML, which includes the option for integration with NeoPhotonics’ open drain driver. Over the operating temperature range 20-70°C, this EML is a preferred transmitter solution for PAM4 for intra-datacenter applications.
  • 53GBaud PIN photodetectors. The side illumination structure of the PIN photodetector enables a simple coplanar assembly with mux/demux chip and TIA well suited to compact modules.
  • 53GBaud Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA). With low noise and a typical power consumption of 60mA over a 3.3V rail, this TIA is suitable for receiver signal amplification for up to 10km transmission.

“Our complete 53GBaud linear optical component family, with a typical bandwidth of 35GHz for all these optical components, provides all needed optical components for single-lambda 100Gbps transmitters and receivers, scalable to 400Gbps transceivers with CWDM4 wavelengths,” says chairman & CEO Tim Jenks. “NeoPhotonics is pleased to now also support the cloud data centers and the industry with a solid and growing portfolio of cost-effective optical components based on NeoPhotonics’ high-speed platforms of gallium arsenide (GaAs) driver, indium phosphide (InP) EML/PIN PD, and silicon germanium (SiGe) TIA,” he adds.

NeoPhotonics is exhibiting its 53GBaud linear optical component family in booth 3322 at the Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC 2018) in San Diego (13-15 March), along with its broad family of products for high-speed applications.

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