, Oclaro highlighting suite of components and modules for up to 1Tb/s


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14 March 2018

Oclaro highlighting suite of components and modules for up to 1Tb/s

© Semiconductor Today Magazine / Juno PublishiPicture: Disco’s DAL7440 KABRA laser saw.

In booth #2812 at the Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC 2018) in San Diego, CA, USA (12-15 March), Oclaro Inc is highlighting and demonstating a suite of component and module products capable of driving network speeds up to 1Tb/s and beyond, including 400Gbps and 600Gbps coherent optics, CFP2-digital coherent optical (DCO) modules, and the latest intra-data-center modules employing electro-absorption modulator lasers (EMLs) and PAM-4 integrated circuits.

The firm has also announced plans to expand its current portfolio of laser die to include its EMLs in response to high demand for high-speed interconnect applications.

“Innovation through our core indium phosphide technology is key to delivering the higher-speed networks needed to achieve 1Tb and beyond,” says chief commercial officer Adam Carter. “Oclaro is constantly driving new advances that increase density, improve performance and lower power consumption,” he adds.

Demonstrations in booth #2812 include the following:

  • 400Gbps components: Oclaro is showcasing its high-bandwidth components operating at 400Gbps with 16QAM constellation at 64GBaud. This includes narrow-linewidth (NLW) lasers in conjunction with a single-channel lithium niobate modulator and a 64GBaud integrated coherent receiver (ICR). The demonstration shows the recovered constellation at the receiver as well as the optical spectrum at the transmitter spectrum validating the operation at 400Gbps.
  • 1.2Tb in-feed components: Features an integrated coherent transmitter (ICT) operating at 600Gbps with a 64QAM constellation at 64GBaud.
  • 400Gbps FR4 module: Features a 400Gbps QSFP56 DD module containing an Oclaro 53GBaud transmitter and reciever optical sub assemblies (TOSA and ROSA) and a gearbox IC to convert between 8x50G PAM4 electrical host signals and 4x100G PAM4 optical line side signals. The demonstration highlights progress being made towards the realization of 400Gbps single-mode client-side modules for the hyperscale data center.
  • Live 100Gbps PAM-4 optical transmission: Demonstration of a 100Gbps PAM-4 optical link using one lane of Oclaro’s 4x 53Gbaud transmitter and optical sub-assemblies capable of 400Gbps optical transmission.

At OFC, Oclaro representstives are speaking on industry panels and presenting two technical papers:

  • Market Watch Panel VI: IP and Optical Integration: Physical or Control/Management Plane? - ‘IP Optical Integration’, by chief commercial officer Adam Carter;
  • Short Course SC462: ‘Introduction to Pluggable Optics’ by director of North American marketing Sharon Hall;
  • Panel Presentation: ‘400G Optics for Hyperscale Data Centers’ by Kohichi Tamura of Oclaro Japan;
  • Technical Paper Presentation: ‘Application of Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding (THP) for Short-Reach Band-Limited Nyquist PAM and Faster-Than-Nyquist PAM Signaling’ by Takayoshi Fukui of Oclaro Japan;
  • Technical Paper Presentation: ‘Superior BER Transmission of 106-Gb/s/lane Skewless PAM4 over 10km by Utilizing 1.3-um Directly Modulated InGaAlAs-MQW BH Lasers and Incoherent Multiplexing of Two NRZ Signals’ by Kouji Nakahara, Takeshi Kitatani, Takayoshi Fukui, Kaoru Okamoto, Yasushi Sakuma, Kohichi R. Tamura and Shigehisa Tanaka of Oclaro Japan.

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