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30 May 2018

VI Systems reports prototype 599–605nm yellow-orange (In,Ga,Al)P–GaP diode laser

© Semiconductor Today Magazine / Juno PublishiPicture: Disco’s DAL7440 KABRA laser saw.

VI Systems GmbH of Berlin, Germany (a fabless spin-off of the Technical University of Berlin and the A. F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute in St Petersburg, Russia) has reported the results of a novel type of diode laser that emits in the yellow-orange (599–605nm wavelength) spectral range (N. N. Ledentsov et al, ‘Room-temperature yellow-orange (In,Ga,Al)P–GaP laser diodes grown on (n11) GaAs substrates’, Optics Express 26(11):13985).

Existing commercially available lasers of this spectral range are mostly based on frequency doubling (by means of a nonlinear crystal) of the laser light from an infrared laser diode.

Lasing in the 599–605nm yellow-orange spectral range was demonstrated at room temperature in a laboratory environment. The device is single mode in the vertical direction (fast axis), and the full width at half maximum (FWHM) in the slow axis was measured at a lateral angle of 24° for a 1mm-long diode laser. Operating in pulsed mode at 40kHz, an average power level of 1mW was achieved.

Target applications include medical use, industrial spectroscopic analysis and ultra-high-precision optical atomic clocks.

VI Systems is presenting at the 2018 Advanced Research Workshop ‘Future Trends in Microelectronics: Vingt Ans Après’ (FTM-9) in Sardinia, Italy (10-16 June).

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