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20 September 2018

Oclaro showcasing portfolio of high-speed lasers for access and wireless networks at ECOC

© Semiconductor Today Magazine / Juno PublishiPicture: Disco’s DAL7440 KABRA laser saw.

Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (which provides components, modules and subsystems for optical communications) has announced availability of its full suite of high-speed lasers for access and wireless networks.

Designed to meet the high-performance and rigorous environmental conditions of access deployments, the lasers include a 25Gbps uncooled industrial-temperature (I-temp)-rated direct-modulated distributed feedback (DFB) laser (DML) chip, 10Gbps high-power I-temp DML chip and new electro-absorption modulated (EML) lasers that also service data-center applications:

  • The 25Gbps uncooled DML chip is capable of operating at high temperature up to 95°C, so transceiver suppliers do not need to mount an expensive, power-hungry thermoelectric cooler inside the SFP28 I-temp. Also, the DML chip’s high bandwidth enables 50Gbps PAM4 waveforms to be obtained with 5dB extinction ratio and TDECQ (transmitter and dispersion eye closure quaternary) values of less than 2.0dB. These features enable the laser to operate in 50GbE transceivers such as SFP56 or QSFP28.
  • The 10Gbps high-power I-temp DML laser chip is designed for carriers currently upgrading the data rate to 10Gbps, as per the new XGS-PON/10GE-PON (passive optical network) standards. By enhancing its DML waveguide design, Oclaro has delivered a 10Gbps high-power 1270nm DML chip for optical networking unit (ONU) equipment for XGS-PON/10GE-PON. Key differentiators are the laser chip’s high optical output power (15mW at 95°C) and high bandwidth (more than 15GHz).
  • Oclaro’s EML designs are capable of high-speed operation for 100Gbps PAM4 using an extremely high-bandwidth modulator. The EMLs have passed the rigorous damp heat operating and storage requirements of GR-468, making them an option for coolerless operation over typical data-center temperature ranges. The lasers do not require hermetic packaging, saving cost over other lasers requiring hermetic transmitter optical subassembly (TOSA) designs. Oclaro is also developing new 10Gbps EMLs for downstream PON applications and will be working with access market architects and transceiver manufacturers to bring these products to market.

Oclaro’s 25Gbps uncooled and 10Gbps high-power I-temp DML laser chips and EML lasers are all currently in mass production.

To meet growing customer demand for these lasers and in anticipation of the future ramp of 5G optical links, Oclaro has recently expanded its production capacity by investing in new wafer fab equipment in its Japan and UK production facilities.

“Network upgrades to the current access infrastructure will require a new generation of low-cost, robust and high-speed lasers that can withstand the rigorous requirements demanded by deployments in outdoor enclosures and uncontrolled temperature nodes,” says Walter Jankovic, president of Oclaro’s Optical Connectivity business unit. “Oclaro has designed its lasers specifically to deliver a higher level of performance over wide operating temperature ranges and support critical features such as PAM4 modulation,” he adds. “These lasers are expected to be critical components to support the introduction of 5G wireless networks by enabling customers to upgrade their wireless front-haul links from 10Gbps to 25Gbps to 50Gbps.”

Oclaro will be available to meet with customers and discuss these products in meeting rooms # SC2-B & SC2-C at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2018) in Rome, Italy (23-27 September).

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