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13 December 2019

Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs adopted by formalighting architectural lighting brand

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd says that, using its SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs in cooperation with Casambi Technologies Oy, a developer of wireless lighting control systems based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), it has created a smart lighting design that has been adopted for the Italian-designed architectural lighting brand formalighting Ltd, a global manufacturer of architectural lighting systems and solutions for a new product line that offers a motorized luminaire with smart wireless controls.

The SunLike COB (chip-on-board) LED packages have been adopted by formalighting for the new fixtures Moto-Zero 40 Compasso and Moto-Zero 66 Zoom in a track-mounted motorized spotlight range. The Moto-Zero 40 Compasso is said to be as the smallest motorized fixture in this sector, while the Moto-Zero 66 Zoom is focused on the best selection of LED lighting for museum, art galleries and commercial spaces. The integrated technology within the motorized luminaires offers more smart control over the beam angle and movements of the fixture, which can be tilted vertically 90° in two directions as well as rotated horizontally 360°. The intensity and white color tuning of the light is controlled by Casambi bluetooth technology.

The embedded SunLike Series LEDs are claimed to be the first LEDs to produce light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight, optimized to natural light spectra and color rendering index of CRI-97 (close to the CRI-100 of sunlight, and higher than the CRI-80 of conventional LEDs). The spotlight fixtures are designed to bring out the most natural color tones of objects which are particularly color-sensitive. Also, by restricting the blue light peak (similar to the sunlight spectral curve), which enables the reduction of scattered reflection and glare, they are said to deliver benefits including vivid color, detailed contrast and homogeneous quality of light.

SunLike Series LEDs also deliver human-centric lighting, identified as a key light source for promoting human well-being, based on the results of a recent sleep study by professor Christian Cajochen and his team at the University of Basel in Switzerland (‘Effect of Daylight LED on Visual Comfort, Melatonin, Mood, Waking Performance, and Sleep’, Journal of Lighting and Research Technology, 24 March 2019). “We have evidence that a daylight [natural spectrum] LED solution has beneficial effects on visual comfort, daytime alertness, mood, and sleep intensity in healthy volunteers,” said the authors.

“The nature of light is critical to the success of the display for museum, art galleries and retail stores by providing a high color rendering, and to promotion of well-being by creating a more healthy and productive working environment in indoor spaces,” notes Seoul Semiconductor’s Europe sales VP Carlo Romiti. “SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs will enable lighting designers to meet the most challenging design requirements,” he adds. “Combination of the healthy light source LED and new technology with smart wireless control will provide consumers with both significant vivid color benefits and well-being,” he believes.

Seoul Semiconductor developed SunLike Series natural-spectrum LEDs in collaboration with Toshiba Materials’ TRI-R spectrum technology in 2017 as the first LED light source to closely match the spectrum of natural sunlight.

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