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22 February 2019

Gapwaves presents active 5G antenna using Qorvo’s GaN power amplifiers

Following the release of a 28GHz active 5G antenna last August, Sweden’s Gapwaves (founded in 2011 based on research at Chalmers University of Technology) has now presented a second release using the gallium nitride on silicon carbide (GaN-on-SiC) technology of Qorvo Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA.

As a development from the previous beam-forming antenna, this second release with a high-performing filter and a transition from PCB to Gapwaves’ waveguide antenna technology uses integrated GaN monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) in a front-end module from Qorvo.

Integration of the dual-channel GaN front-end module together with the beam-forming chip-set yields a prototype based on standard components. Together with Gapwaves’ waveguide technology, this provides telecom equipment suppliers with a platform to develop millimeter-wave products with exceptional coverage and performance, e.g. for 5G mobile access or fixed wireless access.

Measurements performed on the prototype are said to demonstrate good performance with low power consumption while maintaining good thermal handling (essential for the power amplifiers), as well as high antenna efficiency with low losses and high EIRP (equivalent isotropically radiated power). The solution is said to be one of the few meeting future performance needs of 5G mobile access and fixed wireless access networks.

“Built on standard components and Gapwaves waveguide technology, this product is one of few on the market that truly demonstrates a solution that meets the requirements of future 28GHz 5G-networks,” claims Gapwaves’ CEO Lars-Inge Sjöqvist. “Power consumption and large coverage are key elements when realizing the future’s millimeter-wave mobile networks,” he adds.

“Qorvo’s innovative 5G products leverage decades of millimeter RF design, and have helped conduct dozens of 5G field trials,” says Roger Hall, general manager, Qorvo High Performance Solutions. “Our differentiated GaN solutions are now addressing complex network requirements that are making 5G a reality.”

The antenna prototype and measurement results are being presented at Mobile World Congress (MWC19) in Barcelona, Spain (25-28 February).

Further releases of Gapwaves’ 28GHz 5G-antenna will include features such as up- and down-conversion and digital beam forming.

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