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11 March 2019

Ranovus’ 200G CFP2 direct-detect transceiver to enhance Evertz’s IP video distribution infrastructure and services

Ranovus Inc of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (a provider of multi-terabit interconnect solutions for data-center and communications networks) says that its 200G CFP2 direct-detect transceiver is being deployed into the SDVN (Software Defined Video Networking) switch and routing infrastructure of broadacast equipment maker Evertz Microsystems of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Ranovus’ transceivers are based on quantum dot laser (QDL) and micro-ring resonator silicon photonics technologies and are fully qualified according to Telcordia GR-468 specifications for optoelectronic devices.

“The explosion in video services for mobile and landline customers and the evolution of new video formats, such as the rise of 4K and 8K UHDTV, show no sign of stopping, and our customers demand a state-of-the-art and robust infrastructure to support this growth,” says Rakesh Patel, chief technology officer of Evertz Technologies Ltd (which designs and manufactures video and audio infrastructure for the television, telecoms and new-media industries). “We currently use the SFP+, SFP28+ and QSFP28 form-factor transceivers, and Ranovus demonstrated that their 200G CFP2 transceivers work very well in a redundant and scalable switching environment offering format-agnostic, non-blocking and ultra-low-latency connections for our applications, while offering a significant cost advantage for our customers.”

With a capacity of up to 38.4 Terabits per rack of equipment, Ranovus products will augment the capabilities of Evertz switch fabrics, which can process thousands of video streams in multiple formats for multiple platforms and are said to be the overwhelming choice for broadcasters transitioning to IP infrastructures. Evertz’ customers include telephone, cable TV, satellite and IPTV providers and major broadcast facilities around the world. The Ranovus module will facilitate robust and cost-effective end-to-end scalable bandwidth connectivity on the physical layer of the fiber networks and associated cloud infrastructure connecting the Evertz distribution centers.

“According to the latest industry forecasts, more than 80% of the global Internet traffic will be video by 2022 and the content delivery networks will deliver 90% of this video traffic,” says Ranovus’ chairman & CEO Hamid Arabzadeh. “We are delighted to work with Evertz, the global leader in the video content delivery solutions, to support the insatiable growth in the video traffic using our scalable multi-wavelength QDL and micro-ring resonator silicon photonics platform technologies,” he adds. “Our qualified low-latency, miniaturized and power-efficient core technology platform will support a new generation of protocol-agnostic chip-to-chip, server-to-server and switch-to-switch connectivity for the hyperscale data centers as well as 5G mobility networks.”

Ranovus’ product portfolio has evolved from the firm delivering a multi-wavelength quantum dot laser (QDL), ring-resonator-based silicon photonic (SiP) modulators, driver ICs and receiver building blocks.

Highlights of Ranovus’ 200G CFP2 and Optical Engine product features include:

  • support for DCI, metro access, 5G mobility and multi-access edge computing applications;
  • support for transmission distances of 15km, 40km and 80km+;
  • platform capable of supporting the industrial temperature range;
  • offering 96 DWDM channels in the C-band now and L-band in the future;
  • support for 1.6Tb/s 1RU shelf density;
  • form factor and compatible electrical interface with CFP2-DCO;
  • 56Gb/s PAM4 PHY with multiple programmable forward-error correction (FEC) options to optimize link performance; and
  • full diagnostics and self-monitoring capabilities to enable high-reliability networks.

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Tags: QD lasers Silicon photonics CFP2

Visit:  www.ranovus.com

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