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17 September 2019

Synopsys releases enhanced portfolio of photonic design solutions, supporting faster development of photonic devices, systems and PICs

Synopsys Inc of Mountain View, CA, USA ― which provides electronic design automation (EDA) software, semiconductor IP and services for chip and electronic system design ― has released version 2019.09 of its comprehensive Photonic Solutions portfolio, which includes the RSoft products for photonic device design, the OptSim and ModeSYS tools for photonic system design, and the OptSim Circuit and OptoDesigner tools for photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design.

The firm says that its Photonic Solutions offer a seamless design flow from concept to manufacturing to enable innovations in consumer and industrial communication, sensing and imaging applications. The latest updates to the portfolio enable more efficient development of applications ranging from light sources and meta-lenses to optical communication systems and PICs.

Photonic device design

The RSoft photonic device tools are claimed to comprise the industry’s widest portfolio of simulators for passive and active devices in optical communications and optoelectronics. New features in version 2019.09 include:

  • The RSoft–LightTools Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function (BSDF) interface for multi-domain device simulation now supports faster ray tracing of user-defined optical properties; it also supports non-uniform incident angles for more efficient use of computer resources in critical angular regions.
  • A new interface with OptoDesigner allows users to load and simulate PIC design files directly in the RSoft CAD Environment.
  • New Python APIs help to construct CAD files for complex structures, such as meta-lenses and grating couplers.
  • An expanded Custom PDK Utility allows users to add to a process design kit (PDK) active device models such as phase shifters and modulators; it also enables users to design and create layouts for custom circuits such as ring modulators in OptSim Circuit and OptoDesigner.

Photonic system design

The OptSim and ModeSYS tools simulate the performance of optical communication system links through comprehensive simulation techniques and component models. New features in release 2019.09 include:

  • The ability to simulate design files in multiple OptSim windows simultaneously, as well as to pre-assign signal types to compound component input and output ports.
  • New application notes and design files to jumpstart designs for BPSK modulation, visible light communication, and 100GBASE-SR4 SWDM4 transmission.

Photonic integrated circuit design

Synopsys is driving the advancement of photonic integrated circuit technologies with its PIC Design Suite, which includes the OptSim Circuit and OptoDesigner tools. New features in version 2019.09 include:

  • Enhanced algorithms for inter-domain conversions (time and frequency) in OptSim Circuit that speed simulation times by up to 2x.
  • New design rule checks (DRCs) in OptoDesigner that speed calculations by up to 20x.
  • Significant improvements to the PIC layout versus schematic (LVS) flow to support large port count photonic devices and netlist extraction.
  • Updates to the bidirectional interface between OptSim Circuit and OptoDesigner to support automated electrical connections in layout.

“By working closely with industry leaders, we have updated our Photonic Solutions tools to deliver faster simulations, enhanced algorithms, and improved interfaces to help our customers develop better-performing, cost-effective photonic devices and systems,” says Tom Walker, group director of Synopsys’ Photonic Solutions. “Our goal with each release is to enable the industry to accelerate adoption of photonics and PIC technology across a broad variety of applications.”

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Visit: www.synopsys.com/photonic-solutions.html

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