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3 August 2006


Anadigics ships PAs for ultra-thin Chocolate

RFIC supplier Anadigics Inc is shipping production volumes of its new generation of dual-band EV-DO power amplifiers (PAs) to LG Electronics. The AWT6310 PAs will be used in LG's thin-profile Chocolate phone, which offers features such as a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, streaming video, 3D games, and Bluetooth connectivity.

"We are extremely pleased to be in the trendy ultra-thin LG Chocolate phone for Verizon Wireless," said Bami Bastani, president & CEO of Anadigics. "Anadigics' compact dual-band CDMA PA design enables manufacturers to push the envelope in form factor and multimedia features for the digital lifestyle."

The AWT6310 dual-band CDMA PA is based on Anadigics' InGaP HBT technology and features independent RF paths for both AMPS/cellular and PCS frequency bands, It provides 25% space savings compared with solutions requiring two single-band PAs, says the firm. It also offers a common VMODE line to simplify the control interface, and supports single-mode operation up to full antenna power.

Visit: http://www.anadigics.com