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1 August 2006


RFMD starts mass-production shipments of RF3159 linear EDGE PA to Samsung

RFIC manufacturer RFMD of Greensboro, NC, USA has started mass-production shipments of its RF3159 linear EDGE power amplifier (PA) to Samsung Electronics for use in at least 15 EDGE-enabled handsets.

“We anticipate ongoing collaboration with this handset manufacturer across multiple platforms as they deliver advanced mobile services and high-speed data capabilities to cellular consumers,” said Konrad Alvarino, general manager of the RFMD’s Components Business Unit.

The RF3159 is a high-linearity quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE PA designed to support multiple EDGE transceiver platforms and optimized for use with either direct I&Q or small-signal polar modulation. The module is fully matched for easy implementation and is housed in a 6mmx6mm package, which is industry-leading for the linear EDGE PA market, RFMD claims. The gain and linearity line-ups enable handset makers to optimize the transmit chain to meet varying requirements of linearity, efficiency and output power, it adds. The module is designed to be the final amplification stage in a dual-mode GSM/GPRS/EDGE mobile transmit line-
up operating in the 824-915MHz and 1710-1910MHz bands.

Due to increasing adoption of its linear EDGE PAs - including the RF3159 and its highly similar precursor, the RF3158 - in linear EDGE chipset reference designs at both customers and channel partners, RFMD anticipates continued sales growth in the EDGE handset market, which it forecasts will grow approximately 100% in 2006.

Visit: http://www.rfmd.com