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13 December 2006


Cree extends litigation against BridgeLux to further patents

LED chip maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has expanded its patent litigation against BridgeLux of Sunnyvale, CA, USA (founded in 2003 as eLite Optoelectronics) with claims of infringement of US patents 6,614,056 and 6,885,036 (both titled “Scalable LED With Improved Current Spreading Structures”).

The latest litigation is a counterclaim in response to BridgeLux’s complaint filed in October in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas alleging infringement of BridgeLux’s US patent 6,869,812. This followed Cree’s initial claim filed in September alleging infringement by BridgeLux of Cree’s US patents 6,657,236 and 5,686,738 (“Enhanced Light Extraction in LEDs through the Use of Internal and External Optical Elements” and “Highly Insulating Monocrystalline Gallium Nitride Thin Films”).

In addition to seeking an injunction to stop on-going infringement, Cree has now also requested a declaration that BridgeLux 6,869,812 patent is invalid over Cree’s earlier 6,614,056 and 6,885,036 patents. Cree also seeks a declaration that BridgeLux’s patent is not infringed and that it is unenforceable due to fraud and/or inequitable conduct committed before the US Patent Office.

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