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1 December 2006


NL Nanosemiconductor acquires Zia Laser

NL Nanosemiconductor GmBH of Dortmund, Germany and San Jose, USA has acquired Zia Laser Inc of Albuquerque, USA. Both companies have secured board and investor approval for the deal, but the financial terms have not been disclosed.

NL Nanosemiconductor is a supplier of epitaxial wafers with Quantum Dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), high power laser modules, and broad-band and modelocked lasers. Zia Laser manufactures Quantum Dot semiconductor lasers.

"Today we see the clear potential of Quantum Dot lasers to enable optical interconnect and optical clock technology. This solution will open markets for III-V-based optoelectronics to a large audience moving forward," said Jürgen Kurb, CEO of NL Nanosemiconductor. "In addition, applications such as optical imaging and medical treatment will benefit from specific features of Quantum Dot technology, particularly the broad gain spectrum and unique wavelength range of 1.1 - 1.3 micron.”

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