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15 December 2006


Arima ramps-up for auto LED applications with Veeco’s largest capacity MOCVD system

Taiwan’s Arima Optoelectronics Corporation, a manufacturer of HB-LED wafers, has purchased Veeco Instruments Inc’s TurboDisc E450 As/P MOCVD system.

Arima will use the new system to produce epiwafers for automotive LED applications. The company’s president, Dr P. J. Wang, said: "We are confident in the TurboDisc E450's very high throughput and minimal downtime due to its low maintenance TurboDisc reactor. We expect that the E450 will allow us maximum value as we expand our production of red, orange and yellow (R/O/Y) LEDs."

Veeco’s TurboDisc As/P tools offer integrated RealTemp 200 technology for direct wafer temperature control, and fast gas switching for control of interface abruptness. The E450 is Veeco’s largest capacity MOCVD production system, and can be used for the mass production of R/O/Y HB-LEDs, HBTs, pHEMTs, and multi-junction solar cells.