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18 December 2006


WJ introduces a 4W 28V InGaP HBT (GaAs) PA module for WCDMA infrastructure systems

RFIC maker WJ Communications Inc of San Jose, USA has introduced a 4W power amplifier (PA) module for WCDMA infrastructure systems. Based on the company’s AP60x family of 28V InGaP/GaAs HBT PAs, the new, highly integrated 2-stage AP622 is designed for the pre-driver and driver stages in WCDMA base stations and PA modules, and the output stage in repeaters.

Operating from 2110 to 2170MHz, the AP622 is housed in a 13 x 29 x 4.1mm, RoHS-compliant flange mount package. It has a P1dB of 35dBm, 28dB of power gain and ACLR of -55dBc at 23dBm power output for WCDMA applications and operates from a +28V supply at 130mA operating current when configured for class AB operation.

"This product along with the recently launched AP60x series, demonstrate our expertise in RF power amplifier design as well as InGaP HBT (GaAs) process technology," said Haresh Patel, SVP sales and marketing at WJ Communications. " The AP622 offers extraordinary linearity performance and adjustable quiescent bias providing designers the flexibility to meet challenging system requirements."

According to the company, the new module incorporates the same features as the AP60x products, including the active bias circuitry to achieve improved linearity performance and adjustable quiescent bias. Furthermore, its fully matched 50Ω input and outputs simplify the design and PCB layout of wireless infrastructure equipment. It also enables designers to "plug and play" the module into their system designs.

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