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24 July 2006


Philips Lumileds adds another Aixtron MOCVD system to its range

Philips Lumileds Lighting Company has purchased another Aixtron AG Thomas Swan CRIUS MOCVD system, configured for 30x2 inch wafers per run. It will be installed at Philips Lumileds' semiconductor facility in San Jose, California, USA, and we be used to grow gallium nitride (GaN) for LEDs. This purchase is the latest in a Philips Lumileds-Aixtron four-year supply contract for epitaxial deposition systems.

CRIUS’ design is based on Aixtron’s new ‘Integrated Concept', which was developed using in house modelling techniques and verified in Aixtron’s application laboratory. According to the company, the design minimizes compatibility risks through the modular re-design of many components of the reactor system including the reactor cell itself. Key features include a compact footprint, improved maintenance, easier operation and handling, improved reliability and reproducibility compared to present reactors.

Visit: http://www.aixtron.com