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11 July 2006


Fox Group introduces 350nm Ultraviolet LEDs

The Fox Group Inc has introduced a new family of UV LEDs, with a peak wavelength of 350nm. The new LEDs come in several forms:

  • Packaged lamps: 5mm (T1-3/4) clear, UV-resistant epoxy, TO-18 can with glass ball lens or flat glass window, and PLCC-2 (3528) SMD
  • TO-66 power-pack containing 60 dies
  • 320 x 320 micron LED dies
  • 2” diameter epitaxial wafers

The FoxUV 350nm LEDs have a typical peak wavelength of 351nm (at 20mA) with a FWHM spectral width of about 10nm. The wavelength is extremely consistent : typically +/- 1nm. It is also highly stable with changes in forward current, says the company. Consistency and stability is achieved using Fox Group’s proprietary, patented FoxHVPE epitaxy process.

The LEDs have an average output power of greater than 200 microwatts at 20mA at a forward voltage of approximately 4.5V, and 500 microwatts at 50mA drive current.

Furthermore, the company says, the LEDs demonstrate a low rate of degradation, maintaining more than 70% of their initial output power after rigorous accelerated degradation testing at 30mA for more than 1100 hours.

Applications for the 350nm LEDs include:

  • Medical and biomedical applications; including blood serum analysis
  • Sensors of materials with fluorescence response in 350-355nm range
  • Fluorescence “disclosing” and specialized inspection lamps
  • Scientific and other applications where absorption or response at 350-355nm is required

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