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6 July 2006


SETI forms alliance with Seoul Optodevice Company

Sensor Electronic Technology Inc (SETI), of Columbia, SC, USA has entered into a strategic partnership and stock purchase agreement with Seoul Optodevice Company (SOC), a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor Company (SSC).

SETI manufactures deep ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes (DUV LEDs), based on III-Nitride materials. Its DUV LEDs offer peak emission wavelengths in the range from 247 nm to 365 nm. Applications for DUV LEDs include: optical sensors (including bio-agent sensors), water and air purification, surface and tissue disinfection, biomedical, medical and analytical instrumentation, protein analysis, and UV curing.

According to SETI, SSC is the largest packaging house of visible LEDs in Korea, with a 3bn per year LED production capacity. SOC is a vertically integrated volume manufacturer of blue, green and near UV LED chips.

”Strategic alliance between SET and SSC/SOC will allow us to combine technological superiority of SETI in the field of deep UV LEDs with high volume manufacturing capabilities and global marketing and sales network of SSC/SOC,” says Dr. Remis Gaska, president and CEO of SETI. “This will accelerate bringing of low-cost, high quality products to the market and meeting demands of our customers in emerging deep UV applications.”

“By partnering with SETI we set in motion our strategic plan of becoming a largest manufacturer of deep UV LEDs”, says Dr. Jae Jo Kim, Executive Vice-President of SOC. “Our global presence in visible LED markets and distributed sales network will facilitate broad market penetration in the visible future.”

In addition to ramping up production of DUV LED epitaxial wafers, SETI says it will realign its operations to add the development of application-oriented products that use DUV LEDs as components. SSC/SOC will undertake the manufacturing of standard products for high volume markets, and will be responsible for products sales world-wide, except North, and South Americas. SETI will distribute DUV LED components in the Americas and high-end products world-wide.

Visit SETI: http://www.s-et.com

Visit SSC: http://www.seoulsemicon.com