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11 July 2006


Suss MicroTec introduces new BlueRay Probe System

Suss MicroTec AG, of Munich, Germany has introduced its latest BlueRay probe system, for discrete devices, MEMS, RF and optosemicondutor devices. It is capable of testing up to 70,000 dies per hour, and according to the company is the only prober in the world that can be upgraded from a semiautomatic to a fully-automated probe station in the field.

A wafer-handling robot can be docked onto the BlueRay probe system, and once docked it can handle all wafers automatically. Furthermore, the wafer-handling robot can be removed and docked onto another BlueRay as needed. Docking and undocking is quick and done on site. In addition, the test platform can now remain constant from ramp-up to production, which minimizes changeover costs and capital investments

Referring to the system, Stojan Kanev, international product manager for Test Systems at Suss MicroTec, said: "Not only does it enable the device maker to test non-electrical properties with high precision and throughput, but it also provides a common test platform for manufacturers from ramp-up to production test. Essentially, it's the bridge from lab to fab."

Visit: http://www.suss.com