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14 July 2006


Tekcore talking BLU

According to a report from DigiTimes, GaN-based blue and green LED manufacturer Tekcore, of Taiwan, is in talks with backlight module unit (BLU) makers about possible collaborations. Tekcore did not, however, name the companies it is in talks with, says the report.

DigiTimes’ sources said that Forhouse was in discussions with Tekcore regarding LED backlighting development. Furthermore, the report adds, Forhouse, Coretronic and Radiant Optoelectronics are developing LED backlighting for LCD panel applications that are 7” and above.

The report also says that Tekcore is looking to develop AlGaInP (aluminum gallium indium phosphide) LEDs at some future point.

Of Tekcore’s total shipments, 50% are green LEDs, 45% are blue, and the remaining 5% are ultraviolet. The company currently ships 140m LEDs per month; customers include Everlight Electronics, Harvatek and Advanced Optoelectronic Technology (AOT).

Tekcore forecasts its monthly shipments will increase by 29% in Q3/2006, and with the addition of two extra MOCVD reactors monthly output is expected to be 200m units by the end of the end.

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