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4 June 2006


Uni Light Technology purchases reactor for GaN production

Uni Light Technology (ULT) has purchased an additional Aixtron Thomas Swan MOCVD reactor for the manufacture of GaN based epiwafers. Aixtron expects to ship the new CCS 19x2" multiwafer reactor to ULT in Q2, 2006. It will be installed at ULT’s facility in Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan.

ULT already has an Aixtron AIX 2600G3 HT Planetary Reactor and AlGaInP-system in 24x2" wafer configuration for the mass production of InGaN-based LEDs.

Mr. Ping-Hui Lee, ULT’s chairman, said of the new reactor: “It will form the basis of our continued expansion plans and will be configured as a GaN HB-LED production tool. In our experience, the CCS system provides exceptional uniformity of thickness, doping, and composition within epitaxial layers.”

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