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7 June 2006


SEMCO finds success with LayTec’s EpiCurve

Samsung Electro Mechanics Corporation (SEMCO), located in Korea, have confirmed final acceptance of an Aixtron AIX 2600G3 HT reactor that was installed in Q1, 2006 for GaN growth.

The production MOCVD system, configured for 8x4-inch wafers, is the first SEMCO reactor equipped with LayTec's latest in-situ sensor, EpiCurve. EpiCurve combines curvature, true temperature and growth rate measurements in a monolithic system.

E.S. Choi, GM of Aixtron Korea, said: “The EpiCurve option, provided by Aixtron, will aid advanced process diagnostics during critical stages of the growth of epitaxial layers for devices such as LEDs, boosting yields and lowering unit costs.”

EpiCurve can determine wafer bowing during the MOCVD process. This is seen as a critical advantage as wafer sizes increase from 2- to 4-inch in diameter. According to Aixtron, driven by the demand for lower cost production of LEDs, the current standard wafer size of 2-inch will probably be replaced by 4-inch, and this transition should benefit GaN device economics and performance.

One common substrate material for GaN is sapphire, but the differing characteristics between the materials create dimensional distortion, such as bowing effects. It is these effects that are measured and addressed by the EpiCurve measurement system, during MOCVD growth. Additionally, curvature monitoring will assist in the implementation of next generation technologies such as GaN on Si.

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