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22 June 2006


Avago joins high-power LED market

Avago launched its first series of 1-watt, high-power LEDs in what the company claims to be “one of the thinnest packages available.” The ASMT-MX00 is designed for use in applications that require ultra-high-brightness LEDs, such as flashlights, reading lamps, and architectural lighting. Future applications may include backlighted signs that are the thickness of a picture frame.

The new LED package is qualified to a JEDEC moisture sensitivity level (MSL) rating of 2A, which means that it can be kept in the open air (30° C, 60% relative humidity) for up to four weeks after being removed from its sealed package without the need to remove absorbed moisture.

Cheng Kai Chong, worldwide marketing manager for Avago Technologies' Optoelectronic Products Division, said: “Our ASMT-MX00, which is the first in a series of 1-watt LED products, provides customers with one of the thinnest packages available, superior heat dissipation, compatible to IR soldering, robust moisture resistance and encapsulated in heat and UV-resistant silicone compound.”

The ASMT-MX00 series of 1-watt continuous power dissipation indium gallium nitride (InGaN) LEDs are available in blue, green and phosphor white, and are priced in the $2 range (depending on color) in small to moderate quantities.    

Visit: http://www.avagotech.com/led