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20 June 2006


Cree sets new standard for white LEDs

Cree Inc has demonstrated a 131 lumens per watt white LED. Tests were performed using prototype white LEDs with Cree EZBright LED chips operating at 20 mA and a correlated color temperature of 6027 K. The results have been confirmed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, USA.

Scott Schwab, Cree’s general manager, LED chips, said: “This is the highest level of efficacy that has been publicly reported for a white LED and raises the bar for the LED industry.”

“Technical advancements at the component level are critical to growing the emerging white LED lighting space. Cree’s results speak to the exciting developments underway that will enable new white light applications and subsequently facilitate market adoption,” added Fritz Morgan, CEO for Color Kinetics, a manufacturer of LED lighting systems.

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