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27 June 2006


EntreMetrix's nitride venture

Business development company, EntreMetrix Inc has released more information on its new venture, Advanced Nitride Device.

Initially operating as a portfolio company of EntreMetrix, Advanced Nitride Device will focus on manufacturing gallium nitride (GaN) and aluminum nitride (AIN) semiconductor materials and devices. Plans for the company’s development include a wafer manufacturing facility based on an extensive process patent portfolio for GaN and AIN manufacturing.

The company aims to capitalise on the expanding blue laser diodes market for Blu-Ray disc technology, which is currently being driven by the recent introduction of Blu-Ray products from Sony and Samsung.

"The opportunity to bring these advanced semiconductor materials into a market where demand for GaN microelectronic devices is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 150 percent through 2010 is exciting for EntreMetrix. The market projects for the production of these materials continue to adjust upward with the most recent research citing a $7.6 Billion market by 2009," said Scott W. Absher, CEO of EntreMetrix. "We are focused on the delivery of these materials to market and are evaluating acquisitions to capitalize on Advanced Nitride's materials science into device manufacturing."

Visit: http://www.entremetrix.com