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6 June 2006


HFET foundry process for wireless infrastructure amplifiers

Pure-play III-V compound semiconductor wafer foundry, GCS Inc (Global Communication Semiconductors Inc) now offers a proprietary Heterostructure FET (HFET) process to address the high dynamic range requirement of base station driver amplifiers.

“GCS has a number of proprietary FET technologies including 0.5um and 0.25um PHEMT processes. Our 0.5um high performance HFET process is the latest addition to the FET family. With a breakdown voltage of 16V with a pinch off voltage of –2.0V, this technology was developed specifically with high linearity in mind and it is ideal for linear amplifiers that require high dynamic range,” commented Jerry Curtis, CEO of GCS. “As a performance example at 2.0 GHz, when biased at 8V and 50% Idss, our 1.2mm HFET device can achieve an output power of 28.1 dBm with a Third Order Intercept (TOI) point of 48.5 dBm. With a 20.4 dB linear figure of merit, a difference between TOI and P1dB, our HFET is by far one of the most linear foundry processes ever available. Similar linear performance can also be achieved at 5.0V bias. The superior linearity makes it well suited for use in both analog and digital wireless communication infrastructure and subscriber equipment including 3G, cellular, PCS and fixed wireless system,” he continued.

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