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17 June 2006


Lake Shore delivers range of new products

Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc’s spring/summer 2006 launch program is well underway with the introduction of three new products recently, and according to the company more are due in the next few weeks.

Model EMTTP4 probe station

The company’s Desert Cryogenics Division introduced a horizontal (in-plane) field electromagnet-based probe station to their line of cryogenic and superconducting magnet-based probe stations. The Model EMTTP4 probe station provides field strengths in excess of 0.4 T and operates over a temperature range from 10 K to 450 K. It can be configured with up to four micromanipulated probe arms and can accommodate up to a 1-inch diameter wafer. Electromagnet fields can be swept quickly from an external source, providing fast field cycling. The new probe station also provides 360° sample rotation for angular-dependent MR measurements.

According to the company, a major advantage of the Model EMTTP4 is that liquid helium is not required to cool the magnet. Field-dependent measurements can be performed at room temperature or using liquid nitrogen. Liquid helium is only required for cooling samples below 80 K.

The Model EMTTP4 is suitable for measuring magneto-transport, electrical and electro-optical, parametric, high-Z, DC, RF, and microwave (up to 67 GHz) properties of materials. Materials that can be measured include: nanoscale electronics, quantum wires and dots, organic and dilute magnetic semiconductors, superconductors, and spintronics devices.

Model 7404 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

Lake Shore’s Model 7404 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) system now has a new higher-field variable-gap 4-inch electromagnet, and 2.5 kW bipolar power supply. The updated system can achieve field strengths of 2.17 T at room temperature and 1.18 T with variable temperature options installed.

The company offers a full line of VSM systems, with features such as maximum field strengths to 3.1 T and sensitivity of 1 × 10 -7 emu at 10 s/point.

Variable temperature options provide for measurements from 4.2 K to 1,273 K. Vector/torque and automated sample rotation options extend the utility of the 7400 series VSM for magnetic anisotropy studies. The 7400 series VSM measures major and minor hysteresis loops, remanence curves, and much more under full software automation.

Model 325 temperature controller
Lake Shore's latest addition to its line of dual-channel temperature controllers is the Model 325, a general-purpose temperature measurement and control instrument.

It is capable of supporting almost every diode, RTD, or thermocouple temperature sensor, allowing the user to measure and control temperatures from 1.4 K to above 1,500 K. Sensor inputs for the Model 325 are factory configured with two diode/RTD inputs.

If requested, the Model 325 can be configured with up to two thermocouple inputs. Two independent PID control loops with maximum heater outputs of 25 W and 2 W are configured to drive either a 50 W or 25 W load for optimal cryocooler control flexibility. Control Loop 2 heater output is a single-range, variable DC voltage source. When not being used for temperature control, the Loop 2 heater output can be used as a manually controlled 0 to 10 V source.

The new temperature controller includes both IEEE-488 and serial (RS-232C) computer interfaces. Most functions of the instrument can be controlled via computer interface. Sensor curves can also be entered and manipulated through either interface using Lake Shore’s curve handler software.

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