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6 June 2006


Luxeon K2 LEDs win award

Philips Lumileds Lighting Company came away from Lightfair International 2006 with the New Product Showcase Award for its Luxeon K2 LEDs. The award was made in the specialty lamp category.

Luxeon K2 LEDs have made a series of technology breakthroughs in the development of solid-state luminaires with more useable light, reduced thermal management engineering, simpler manufacturing and lower cost. According to the company, these capabilities stem from die and packaging advancements.

Performance thresholds set by the Luxeon K2 include a 140-lumen or higher light output in white, a 185°C maximum junction temperature, a maximum 1500mA drive current, and a JEDEC Level 2a rating for moisture tolerance.

Doug Silkwood, marketing VP at Philips Lumileds, said: “With the technology that underlies our newest Luxeon light source, lighting designers and engineers can take full advantage of the longer life, smaller footprint and energy efficiency of LEDs to produce a wide range of new products that will change the way people light their homes, offices and buildings of all kinds.”

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