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15 June 2006


Quintessence introduces new line of 808nm high power single emitter lasers

Quintessence Photonics Corporation, a subsidiary of QPC Lasers Inc, has introduced a new line of 808nm high spectral brightness semiconductor lasers, incorporating the company’s internal grating technology. According to the company, this internal grating technology can reduce the end users’ system cooling costs and enhance laser system performance by decreasing the lasers system’s sensitivity to temperature and decreasing the amount of heat deposited in the system.

The 1 Watt 100 micron single emitter C-mounted products feature the world’s first internal grating at 808nm, which serves to decrease the spectral width of the device while increasing the center wavelength stability and accuracy over time and temperature. The technology has been demonstrated at 808nm, 976nm, 1470nm, 1532nm, and 1550nm in both edge emitters and in surface emitting architectures. In all cases, high spectral brightness performance is achieved without the addition of external optical elements and their associated high precision alignment.

Paul Rudy, VP of marketing and sales at Quintessence, said: “Laser pumping is the largest market segment for high power diode lasers today, and 808nm is the most widespread pump wavelength. Our pump laser customer’s in defense, medical, and industrial markets are increasingly requiring higher performance and increased stability.”

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