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20 June 2006


SMI expands facility following year of growth

MOCVD systems and components provider, Structured Materials Industries Inc (SMI) has doubled the size of its headquarter facilities, located in Piscataway, NJ, USA.

The expansion follows a year of growth and a number of recent developments. In February this year, SMI was awarded a Phase I STTR to develop processes for InN materials. According to SMI, there are a wide range of device possibilities for InN, including multi-junction photovoltaics, and white light emitters.

SMI was also awarded a Phase II SBIR by the US Department of Energy to develop p-type doping of ZnO. ZnO shows promise as a blue light emitter, but the p-type material crucial to its success is difficult to produce. To achieve this, SMI built a dedicated MOCVD system, which it operates in-house.

In May, SMI and Sarnoff Corporation completed a Phase II SBIR program from the US MDA to produce antimonide-based HBTs, targeting near-zero turn-on voltage (and
hence low power consumption) and very high speeds (>40 GHz) in devices for communications, measuring instruments and other applications.

SMI’s expanded facility allows the company to separate its full manufacturing operations from its Applications Laboratory. SMI’s Customer Service Application Laboratory houses over 10 systems and can produce oxides, nitrides, carbides, chalcogenides and a range of other materials.  Presently under construction are a clean manufacturing area and the integration of clean areas in the applications laboratory.

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