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17 June 2006


Suss MicroTec introduces ‘repairable’ RF probe card

Suss MicroTec AG, located in Munich, Germany, has a new addition to its IZI Probe product family, the IZI Probe Card, for RF and microwave device testing.

The IZI Probe Card can test up to 32 RF channels, and when configured with the Multi IZI Probe, RF and DC signals can be tested using one probe card. Long, independent contact springs provide a good contact with the device being tested, and overcome variations in pad height. Furthermore, the PCB carrier board can be customized to accommodate SMD's and other designs.

"The IZI Probe Card is completely repairable", said Steffen Schott, HF product manager at Suss MicroTec Test Systems. "The probes can be replaced quickly and easily when needed. And due to the IZI Probe contact technology, the lifetime of the IZI Probe Card is guaranteed for more than 1 million contact cycles on aluminum pads."

Visit: http://www.suss.com

Contact: jpreston@sussdd.de