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29 June 2006


SAIT opts for Suss MA200Compact mask aligner

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has purchased a Suss MA200Compact Mask Aligner for its central research facility in Korea. It will be used for R&D projects, such as the fabrication of MEMS and Display Devices.

J. S. Kim, senior engineer at SAIT, said: "The mask aligner showed excellent process capabilities for a variety of positive and negative resists as well as a stunning alignment accuracy."

"With the MA200Compact SUSS can offer an extremely versatile and cost effective production aligner for a variety of applications, starting from MEMS and Wafer Level Packaging up to optoelectronic and telecommunication devices", comments Rolf Wolf, managing director of SUSS MicroTec's Lithography Division. "The MA200Compact is a very efficient exposure tool for thick resist MEMS applications and offers customized substrate handling for all kinds on non-standard substrates like fragile compound semiconductors, warped, drilled and thin substrates, as well as glass and foils."

The system offers an accuracy ofless than 0.5µm and a throughput of over 100 wafers per hour, and with its high intensity illumination and high intensity optics the MA200Compact features a complete suppression of stray light effects.

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