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15 June 2006


VLSI’s 10 BEST awards

It’s that time of year again when VLSI Research Inc announces the winners of its 10 BEST Customer Satisfaction survey, and several suppliers to the compound semiconductor industry feature.

In the Small Suppliers of Wafer Processing Equipment category, Oxford Instruments was placed second with an overall rating of 7.60; the company did not feature at all in the 2005 ranking. Unaxis Wafer Processing took third place, with EV Group, Aixtron and Suss MicroTec forth, fifth and seventh, respectively.

2006 10 BEST Wafer Processing Equipment

(Small Suppliers Based on Revenue)

1. Nissin Ion Equipment Co Ltd. Rating: 7.77.

2. Oxford Instruments. Rating: 7.60.

3. Unaxis Wafer Processing. Rating: 7.42.

4. EV Group. Rating: 7.36.

5. Aixtron AG. Rating: 7.36.

6. SEZ Group. Rating: 7.34.

7. SUSS MicroTec. Rating: 7.24.

8. SEN Corporation. Rating: 7.23.

9. Axcelis Technologies. Rating: 7.21.

10. S.E.S. Co Ltd. Rating: 7.10.

Nissin Ion Equipment received the highest ratings in five of the thirteen categories, including cost of ownership, uptime, spares support, support after sales, and commitment. Nissin Ion Equipment also tied with Unaxis Wafer Processing for best score in field engineering support. Nissin, Unaxis, and Oxford Instruments were ranked in a three-way tie for build quality. Oxford Instruments also achieved the top marks for software and process support. In the technical leadership category EV Group and Aixtron tied for the best scores.

Nissin Ion Equipment and EV Group received their best ratings in the customer service categories.

Company Highest Rated Category

Nissin Ion Equipment Co Ltd: Commitment.

Oxford Instruments: Build quality and Uptime (two-way tie).

Unaxis Wafer Processing: Build quality.

EV Group: Commitment.

Aixtron AG: Build quality and Product performance (two-way tie).

SEZ Group: Product performance.

SUSS MicroTec: Build quality and Uptime (two-way tie).

SEN Corporation. Quality of results.

Axcelis Technologies: Uptime.

S.E.S. Co Ltd: Product performance.

For full details of all categories, visit: https://www.vlsiresearch.com