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9 April 2007


WiMAX developing rapidly in Asia/Pacific

Last year was remarkable for the development of WiMAX in the Asia/Pacific region, as a solid foundation was laid by the joint efforts of market regulators, operators and eager equipment vendors, says market research firm In-Stat in its report ‘WiMAX in Asia/Pacific: A Well Laid Foundation for Prominent Future Growth’. From a lean base of 0.27 million in 2006, the total number of WiMAX subscribers in 16 Asia/Pacific countries are expected to reach 31.43 million by 2012, when the Asia/Pacific WiMAX market will be $8bn.

“In emerging countries where current household broadband penetration rates are extremely low, governments have quickly built a pro-WiMAX regulatory framework,” says In-Stat analyst Victor Liu. Carrier spending of WiMAX and WiMAX-backhauled WiFi network equipment will escalate from $394.9m in 2006 to $2908.9m in 2012, he adds.

“One temporary setback, though, was WiMAX subscriber growth developing more slowly than expected in South Korea due to limited network coverage and lack of user devices.” The South Korean version of mobile WiMAX, Wibro services, was commercialized last June.